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ATSA Member Directory

ATSA Member Directory

ATSA Member Directory

Deborah Gambles Clinical Member

D. Gambles & Associates, LLC

Stephen Ganderson Clinical Member

Stephen C. Ganderson, Psy.D.

Larry Gantt Clinical Member

Grand Lake Mental Health Center

Kerri Garbutt ATSA Member

Garbutt Psychological Services

Tina Garby Clinical Member
Arcenio Garcia Clinical Member

Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Dept.

Erin Gardner Student Member

State University of New York at Albany

Brenda Garma Clinical Member

Institute for Sexual Health

Janice Garrett Clinical Member

Counseling Services of LaGrange

Lisa Garrett Clinical Member

Village Counseling Center

Steven Gaskell Clinical Member

Psycholegal Assessments, Inc.

Bea Gatchell Clinical Member

Queer Perspective Therapy

Karen Gautney Clinical Member

Karen Gautney Consulting, LLC

Kimberly Gay-Huynh First Year Early Career Member

Mountain Valley Counseling Associates

Charles Geller Clinical Member

ADR Mediation & Counseling Center

Peter Geller ATSA Member

Options Counseling Services

Valerie Gelo Clinical Member

First Light Psychological Services

Kris Geno Clinical Member

RTT Associates, LLC

John George Clinical Member

Four County Counseling Center

James Gerndt ATSA Member

Midwest Center for Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy

John Gershefski Clinical Member

John Gershefski, Ph.D.

Ana Getz Student Member

Dynamic Counseling Associates, LLC

Devon Gibbs Associate Member

King County Department of Public Defense

Gary Gibson Associate Member

Abel Sexual Abuse Prevention (ASAP)

Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas

Adam Gierok ATSA Member

4th District Psychological Services

Jeanette Gilbert Clinical Member
Paula Giles Clinical Member

Sand Ridge Secue Treatment Center

Rachael Gillin ATSA Member

Mercer County Probation

Bryan Gimmeson Clinical Member

Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino

Stacey Ginesin Clinical Member

PA Sexual Offenders Assessment Board

Lisa Gipson Phillips, Private Practice

Thomas Glaza Clinical Member
Lauren Gmitter Associate Member

Nicole Krie-Wyszynski, LCSW PSYCHealth Associates LLC

Keir Goatley ATSA Member

Midwest Clinical Counseling

Julie Goddard Clinical Member

Liberty Healthcare Corporation

Floyd Godfrey Clinical Member
Faith Golden Clinical Member

Washington State Department of Corrections

Brenda Golden Clinical Member

New Hope Community Service Center

Katherine Gomez ATSA Member

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Arthur Gonzales Student Member

Headspace Health (

Ronald Gonzalez ATSA Member

New Horizons Psychological Services, LLC

Mrs Kathleen Good Clinical Member

Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers

Chris Goodling ATSA Member

Triad Treatment Specialists, Inc.

Chandra Goodwin Associate Member

Comprehensive Clinical and Correctional Services, LLC

Katherine Gotch ATSA Member

Integrated Clinical & Correctional Services, LLC

Emily Gottfried Clinical Member

Medical University of South Carolina

Michelle Gould ATSA Member

Unity Family Services, Inc.

Michelle Gourley Clinical Member

Michelle Gourley & Associates, LLC

Marie Grace Clinical Member

1500 1st Ave NE Suite 111-D

Melissa Grady ATSA Member

Catholic University of America

Victoria Graff Clinical Member
Shelley Graham Clinical Member

Shoal Creek Counseling, PLLC

Andrea Graham Clinical Member
Lisa Grajewski ATSA Member

Lisa J Grajewski Clinical and Forensic Psychology, Inc.

Pasha Grant ATSA Member

PashaPlum Counseling, PLLC

Ina Grant ATSA Member

Archdiocese of Detroit

Robert Grant Clinical Member
Ilona Gravers ATSA Member

Salveo Consulting, PLLC

Leah Gray Clinical Member

Vantage Point Clinic & Assessment Center

Jonathan Gray Clinical Member

Royal Ottawa Health Care Group

Sydney Clinical & Forensic Psychology

Savannah Grier ATSA Member

Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center - Office of Mental Health

Elizabeth Griffin Clinical Member

Griffin Counseling and Consulting

Matthew Griffith Clinical Member

Restored Outlook Counseling LLC.

Amy Griffith ATSA Member

Missouri Sex Offense Program/Centurion

Diana Groener Clinical Member

Oregon Center for Change

Jennifer Gross Clinical Member

Arlington County DHS/CFSD

Tracey Guard Clinical Member

Inspiring Solutions, LLC

Philippe Guedj Clinical Member

Catholic Charities Hawaii

Diane Guerra ATSA Member

Testing in Progress, LLC

Jessica Guevara ATSA Member

Clinical Care Associates, P.C.

Laurie Guidry ATSA Member

Center for Integrative Psychological Services, Inc.

Kathyria Guillen Clinical Member

Second Judicial District, Department of Correctional Services

Paul Gunter ATSA Member

Center for Positive Family Living

US Probation Office District Puerto Rico

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