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ATSA Member Directory

ATSA Member Directory

ATSA Member Directory

Kelley Falcione Clinical Member

Thrive Professional Counseling LLC

Amanda Fantaro ATSA Member

Red Rock Psychological Health

Molly Fara ATSA Member

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Marilyn Farmer Clinical Member

New Zealand Department of Corrections

Timothy Faulk Clinical Member

Counseling Services of Dothan

Kathryn Faver Clinical Member

North Homes Children and Family Services

Cheryl Feiock ATSA Member

Missouri River Counseling, LLC

Michelle Feiszli Clinical Member

Wellpath - Florida Civil Commitment Center

David Feldman Clinical Member

Nova Southeastern University

Dr. Tashna Felix Associate Member

Professional Psychological Services

Jennifer Felsher Clinical Member

Radius Child and Youth Services

Keith Fender Clinical Member

Radford Counseling Group, LLC

Melissa Ferguson Clinical Member

Pinnacle Point Counseling, LLC

Cyra Fernandes Clinical Member

Australian Childhood Foundation

Yolanda Fernandez Clinical Member

Forensic Behaviour Services

Vanessa Fernandez Clinical Member

Clinical & Forensic Institute, Inc., DBA R.E.A.C.H.

Paul Fick ATSA Member

South County Psychotherapy

Ronald Field Clinical Member

Riverview Psychological Services, P.C.

Libby Fisher Associate Member

Chestnut Health Systems 50 Northgate Industrial Dr.

Cheri Fisher Clinical Member

Behavioral Offender Services, LLC

Birgit Fisher Clinical Member

Fisher & Associates, LLC

Angela Fleck ATSA Member

Wisconsin Department of Corrections - Chapter 980 Forensic Evaluation Unit

Charles Flinton Clinical Member

San Francisco Forensic Institute

Trevor Floyd ATSA Member

New York State Office of Mental Health

Melanie Flynn ATSA Member

North Dakota State Hospital

LeeAnna Fomkin ATSA Member

Reentry Resources Counseling

Kathi Forgue Associate Member

State of Alaska - Department of Corrections

Dr Dana Formon ATSA Member

Saurus Forensic Services

Sandie Forsythe Clinical Member

Sandie Forsythe Counselling and Consulting Inc

Karen Fossen ATSA Member

Sunridge Professional Centre

Mandi Fowler Clinical Member

The University of Alabama, Youth Services Institute

Ansley Fox Clinical Member

Piney Ridge Treatment Center

S. Joy Fox Clinical Member
Kayla Fox ATSA Member
Mark Frank Retired Member

Somerset Psychological Group, P.A.

Sarah Frankel Clinical Member
Kent Franks ATSA Member

Kent W. Franks, Ph.D., L.L.C.

Julia Fraser Student Member
Heidi Freeman Associate Member

Stearns County Community Corrections

James Frentrop ATSA Member

Sojourn Therapy and Consulting, LLC

Center for Research and Education in Forensic Psychiatry

Stacey Frye Clinical Member

Forensic Counseling Services

Brenda Frye ATSA Member

Institute of Forensic Psychology

Erik Fuller Clinical Member

Carson City Correctional Facility

Bryan Funk Clinical Member

Bethany Christian Services

Ms Keana Funk First Year Early Career Member
Toni Furbringer Clinical Member

Heartwork and The Family Tree

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