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Guidelines: Professional Code of Ethic

Guidelines: Professional Code of Ethic

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The Code of Ethics presents a framework for making professional decisions and augmenting our moral compass. Most professional organizations have a code of ethics as a standard practice. However, the strength of an organization ultimately resides in the commitment of its members to common goals, beliefs, and values. ATSA members have a long tradition of dedication to supporting values of basic human dignity and respect, as well as common goals related to community safety and preventing sexual violence. The Code of Ethics is further strengthened by the fact that we are an organization of professionals committed to mentorship, training, and consultation with colleagues.
This revised Code of Ethics is structured for ease of use and clarity of purpose. In this revision, we address a broader array of professional situations and better define the process involved in resolving allegations of unethical behavior. The Code of Ethics is divided into two chapters:
(1) Ethical Principles, and
(2) Rules and Procedures.

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