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Position Statement: Addressing Campus Sexual Misconduct

Position Statement: Addressing Campus Sexual Misconduct

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Published in May 2019, the ATSA statement "Addressing Campus Sexual Misconduct" provides a comprehensive approach to dealing with sexual misconduct in college and university settings. This policy recommendation emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing the complex issue of campus sexual misconduct through a multifaceted approach that includes prevention, intervention, and education.

ATSA highlights the need for evidence-informed policies and practices that address the varied and nuanced aspects of sexual misconduct. The statement acknowledges the diversity of individuals who engage in sexually harmful behaviors and stresses the importance of individualized interventions. ATSA recommends the incorporation of public health approaches, multidisciplinary collaboration, and the inclusion of a prevention lens in campus programs. The organization advocates for strategies that involve all campus community members and focus on both preventing victimization and addressing perpetration. This document is a valuable resource for universities seeking to develop comprehensive and effective strategies to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct on their campuses.

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