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ATSA Member Directory

ATSA Member Directory

ATSA Member Directory

Thomas Macewicz Clinical Member
Nicole Machinski Clinical Member

Dr. Robin Lowey & Associates Psychological Services

Scot Machlus ATSA Member

Scot D. Machlus, Ph.D., P.A.

Meghan Madru Clinical Member

NJ DOH Special Treatment Unit

Erica Magana Student Member

Washington State University

Lisa Magazine Clinical Member
Gregory Mahan Clinical Member

Peninsula Therapy Center, PLC

Marquita Major Associate Member

Oklahoma Human Services- 2400 N Lincoln Blvd

Emese Maklary Student Member
Brian Malbon Clinical Member

Malbon Counseling

Jeremy Malcolm Associate Member
Rachel Malin ATSA Member


Kayla Malloy Clinical Member

LaSalle School Outpatient Services

Karen Malm ATSA Member

Summit Community Counseling

Mindy Malm ATSA Member

MCF-LL Sex Offender Treatment Program

Shannon Malmin Associate Member

Flathead Industries

Luke Malone Student Member

UMass Lowell School of Criminology and Justice Studies

Kara Malosh Clinical Member

A.S.O.T.P - Juvenile Services,

Melissa Maltar Clinical Member

Radius Child & Youth Services

Jessica Mangan Clinical Member

Shanle Psychological Services

Jeanmarie Mangindin Clinical Member

Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar

Megan Manheim First Year Early Career Member

Harris County Juvenile Probation Department

James Manley ATSA Member

Pacific Psychology Services

Christian Mannfolk Student Member

Centre for psychiatry research, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet

Merridith Manning Clinical Member
Christy Mantz ATSA Member

Therapy Associates of Solano County

Terri Manuel Clinical Member

A New Direction Clinical

Corey Manuel Clinical Member
Eve Maram ATSA Member

Orange Psychological Services

Wesley Maram Clinical Member

Orange Psychological Services

Dr. Emily Marhan First Year Early Career Member
Victoria Marini Bowley Clinical Member

Vermont Forensic Assessment, PLLC

Matthew Marsh ATSA Member

Department of Human Services

Linda Marshall ATSA Member

Associated Psychological Services, Ltd.

Liam Marshall ATSA Member

Rockwood Psychotherapy & Consulting

Mary Marth ATSA Member
Frederica Martijn Student Member
Ronald Martin ATSA Member

Alternative Life Solutions Counseling, PLLC

Meg Martin Associate Member

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse

Breann Martin ATSA Member

Western Clinical & Forensic Services

Jerry Martin ATSA Member

Summerville Psychiatric Associates

Keith Martinez Clinical Member

Recovery Innovations, Inc.

Dr. Marc Martinez Clinical Member

Clinical and Forensic Psychology Services, LLC

Amanda Martinez Student Member
Renee Mascher Clinical Member
Eric Mason ATSA Member

Red Rock Psychological Health

Kirsten Mason Clinical Member

Division of Juvenile Justice

Claudia Massau ATSA Member

Psychiatric-Psychological Services

Denise Massie ATSA Member

Mountain Valley Counseling

Ana Matei ATSA Member

Matei Counseling PLLC

Frank Matone Clinical Member

Clearview Psychotherapy, LLC

Ryan Mattek Clinical Member
Darren Matusen ATSA Member

Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center (SRSTC) Evaluation Unit

Mr Randall Mauriocourt Clinical Member

Specialized Offender Services, LLC

Tom Mazur ATSA Member

University of Buffalo

Julie McBride ATSA Member

NJ DOH Special Treatment Unit

Kieran McCartan ATSA Member

university of the west of england

Jennifer McCarthy Clinical Member

The New York Mental Health Group

Robert McCarthy Clinical Member

McCarthy Counseling Associates, P.A.

Xavier McCaskey Clinical Member
Melissa McDaniel Clinical Member

Shepherd Way Counseling Assoc., Inc

Joseph McDaniel Clinical Member

Global Counseling & Testing

Robert McDaniel ATSA Member

Darsey, Black and Associates

Rachel McDonald ATSA Member

Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center

Miranda McDonald First Year Early Career Member
Katherine McDowell Clinical Member

Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP)

Sierra Psychological Associates

David McFarland ATSA Member

South Central Treatment Associates

Kelsea McGee First Year Early Career Member

Perimeter Behavioral of Forrest City

Keely McGee ATSA Member

Utah Department of Corrections

Shawn McGill Clinical Member

Shawn McGill MSW Consulting Inc.

Kevin Mcgovern ATSA Member

McGovern and Associates

Susan McGuire Clinical Member

McGuire Counseling Centers, LLC

Wade McIntyre ATSA Member

Dakota Psychological Services

Jenny McIver ATSA Member

Optimal Therapy Services LLC

Pennie McKay Clinical Member
Marilyn McKee ATSA Member

NYS Office of Mental Health

Dr. William McKenna Clinical Member

Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation

Andrew McKenzie ATSA Member

Andrew McKenzie at Dr. Schuler Counselling

Julia McLawsen ATSA Member

University of Washington School of Medicine

Jennifer McMahon ATSA Member

University of Denver/Denver FIRST

McMathis Counseling Services, LLC

Corey McNally Clinical Member

Washington State Dept. of Corrections

Kellie McNamara ATSA Member

The Counseling and Psychotherapy Center, Inc.

Dennis McNamara ATSA Member

The Counseling and Psychotherapy Center, Inc

Astri McNeish Student Member

The Capital Center for Psychotherapy and Wellness,

Kenneth McNiel Clinical Member
Ebony McNulty Clinical Member

KeyPoint Counseling Services

Ian McPhail ATSA Member

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg

David McWhirter Clinical Member
Rhonda Meacham Clinical Member

Cognitive Behavioral Solutions

Julie Medlin Clinical Member

Medlin Treatment Center

Deon Mehring Clinical Member

Mehring Psychological Services, PLC

Kashon Mells Clinical Member
Jeffrey Melvin ATSA Member

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

Gerald Menaquale Clinical Member

Commonwealth Clinical Group, Inc.

Jena Meneo ATSA Member

Sentinel Treatment and Consultation Services, LLC.

Courtney Menten ATSA Member

Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP) - Moose Lake

Larry Menzie ATSA Member

New York & Queens Counseling for Change

Bethany Merrett ATSA Member

WithInSight Counseling, LLC

Brad Meryhew Associate Member

The Meryhew Law Group, PLLC

James Meyer ATSA Member

Bijou Treatment & Training Institute

Destiny Meyers Clinical Member

Triad Treatment Specialists Inc.

Melissa Mezo ATSA Member

Terry Reilly Health Services

Lithia Forensics and Consulting LLC

Maureen Mihelic ATSA Member

Clay County Juvenile Division

Trevor Milazzo Clinical Member

All About You Counseling & Support Services

Jonathan Miljus ATSA Member

NYS OMH Division of Forensic Services Bureau of Sex Offender Evaluation and Community Treatment

Sheridyn Miller Clinical Member

Arizona Community Protection and Treatment Center

Rachel Miller Associate Member
Katie Miller ATSA Member

Vita Community Living Services

Garry Miller Associate Member
Nancy Miller First Year Early Career Member

Aspire Counseling Center

Holly Miller ATSA Member

College of Criminal Justice

Justus Miller Associate Member

Department of Corrections

Tonya Mills Clinical Member

Growth in Healing Counseling

Michael Miner ATSA Member

University of Minnestoa Institute for Sexual and Gender Health

Emily Minnick Clinical Member

Michigan Deparment of Corrections

Laura Minor Clinical Member

Red Rock Psychological Health

Paula Minske Clinical Member
John Mitchell ATSA Member


David Mitchell ATSA Member
Carrie Mitchell Clinical Member

North Carolina Department of Public Safety

Amy Mize ATSA Member

SteppenStone Youth Treatment Services

Janeen Moddejonge Clinical Member

Sickkids Hospital - SCAN Program

Christine Mohr Clinical Member
Maria Molett Clinical Member
James Moll Clinical Member

James Moll Counseling LLC

Marina Money Clinical Member

Utah Psychological Services

Monford Dent Consulting & Psychological Services, LLC

Jocelyn Monsma Selby Clinical Member

Monsma Counselling Connecting to Protect

Megan Montague Clinical Member

Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana

Daniel Montaldi ATSA Member

Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation

Roberto Montez Associate Member

DOC-Division of Pretrial/Probation and Parole (DP3)

Daniel Montgomery Associate Member

Bannock County Juvenile Probation

Nancy Moore Clinical Member

Minnesota Sex Offender Program - Moose Lake

Donna Moore ATSA Member

Moore Psychology Services, PLLC

Jeff Moore Clinical Member

Alpha Counseling and Treatment, Inc.

Ann Moran Clinical Member

Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center

Kate Moran-Reschke Associate Member
Barry Morenz ATSA Member

Banner University of Arizona South Campus

Harry Morgan Clinical Member

Clinical & Forensic Mental Health Services

John Morin Retired Member

Oakbrook Counseling Center, PA

Miho Morita Clinical Member
Philip Morris Clinical Member
Susan Morris Clinical Member

Specialized Offender Services, LLC

Rick Morris ATSA Member

Family & Adolescent Counseling Services

Andrew Morrison Associate Member

Morrison Legal Services, P.C.

Michael Morton Clinical Member

Marriage and Family Therapy

Olivia Moser Clinical Member

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

Michelle Moser Clinical Member

Possibilities Therapeutic Services

James Moses Clinical Member

13575 58th St N

Andrew Moskowitz ATSA Member

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Aviva Moster ATSA Member

Special Treatment Unit

Leigh Motes Clinical Member

The Grey Matters Group, LLC

Marielena Motta ATSA Member

The Center for Change and Recovery

Heather Moulden ATSA Member

St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

Peter Moulton ATSA Member

Massachusetts Treatment Center

Jessica Mugge ATSA Member

Benson Psychological Services

Sara Mulholland Associate Member

Navigating the Eye, LLC

Taylor Mulroy Associate Member

Department of Corrections

Rosemary Munns Clinical Member

Bergen County Division of Family Guidance

Mark Munro Clinical Member

CTI Services NM

Mona Murch ATSA Member


Marci Murphy Student Member

The Mpowerment Alliance Inc.

Mr John Murphy Retired Member

John J. Murphy, LCSW dba M2CG Counseling LLC

William Murphy ATSA Member

University of TN Health Science Center

Melissa Muse Clinical Member

Family Bridges Therapeutic Associates LLC

Angela Myhre Clinical Member

Tetzlaff & Myhre Psychotherapy and Assessments, LLC

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