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Position Statement: Internet-Facilitated Sexual Offending

Position Statement: Internet-Facilitated Sexual Offending

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The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers' (ATSA) 2021 position paper, "Internet-Facilitated Sexual Offending," delves into the complex spectrum of sexual offenses conducted via the internet. The paper categorizes these offenses into several types, such as child sexual exploitation material (CSEM) production and distribution, online sexual exploitation, arranging in-person meetings for sexual purposes, non-consensual image sharing, and sextortion. It underscores the increasing trend in prosecutions and the importance of accurate risk assessment and management. The majority of the offenders are male, with a lack of comprehensive data on females and juveniles. The document highlights that many CSEM offenders lack a history of contact sexual offenses. It discusses various risk assessment tools and points out the low reoffense rate for CSEM-exclusive offenders. The paper emphasizes the necessity of tailored intervention and supervision based on individual risk profiles and concludes with a call for more research to develop effective treatment programs for internet-facilitated sexual offenders.

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Download : InternetFacilitatedOffending2021.pdf

Topic(s) : Adult Male, Child Sexual Abuse

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